Blind Students MP3 Library:

Any blind student of Gujarat University, Saurastra University studying in BA, MA, B Ed can avail our audio books library by becoming a member.
The membership fees are nominal at Rs.
Please “click here” contact us for all help needed.

We have recently started the following activities

  1. First of all, preparing authentic Braille editions of college textbooks not converted so far, in the form of MP3- CDs and distributing them to the students.
  2. Providing services of “writers” for examination, to help them to face the tough situation in the exam hall and to boost their morale.
  3. We also provide guidance that is very necessary regarding special scholar ships available for higher studies and of schools and colleges offering various subjects and in making the right choices regarding their subjects of study., the choice of institutions where to study and so on.
  4. We also make available to students circulars and offer letters, etc. published by the State and Central Gove. Meant especially for the blind.
  5. We also provide essential information regarding availability of jobs services, trade or professional requirements in industry, for qualified persons to help them settle in life.
  6. We have also begun providing hostel facilities to help blind students as well as other employed blind people, coming from mofusil areas, so that they can study and also work, if possible by staying comfortably and safely in Amdavad. ( It becomes almost a blessing.) For the present, we can accommodate up to 100 blind individuals only. We have taken on rent a building in Paldi area where proper facilities for residence and meals are available.


“Navjyot Andhajan Mandal” is a voluntary organisation helping students who are needy or economically backward. The blind students or others who come here for employment are allowed to stay in rented building in Paldi. These accommodate up to 100 blind individuals and give them 2 meals a day (Tiffin service is arranged in the morning for the blind who go for Work) In addition there is a library for the blind, this facility is enjoyed by nearly fifty blind students studying in colleges. Moreover we also keep in touch with schools to provide “writers” for the blind students at the time for appearing for the exams.
This organisation has no source of permanent income and therefore we have started a special activity of collecting pasti items of domestic use, left surplus like old clothes, old mobile sets, computers etc. We hope to be able to economically viable. We appeal to you for your kind cooperation in this regard.
Normally every house hold sales its pasti every month, We appeal to you to give it to us and ask others to give, each month. It will help us meet our monthly expenses. If you inform us at the address given below or by telephone we will approach you in person and collect from you pasti, old mobiles etc. We can also visit your society on a certain date and arrange for the collection. We accept at such items at our office also which remains open throughout day time. We hope to be able to serve more and more blind students and make them self-reliant with your generous and kind cooperation.


  • We provide Residential Facility and two time food to blind people who come to Amdavad from villages for job and charge Rs. 1000 only per month.
  • For college students books are not available in Braille lipi so we provide audio CD to students all over Gujarat.
  • We provide “writer” facility to blind students appearing in exams who come from outside Amdavad and Amdavad students free of charge. Three years ago we provided 40 writers, two years ago 150 writers and last year we provided 400 writers.


  • Along with old newspapers “past” you can also give us old / unused things like computer, washing machine, refrigerator mobile, utensils, wooden or iron furniture / clothes/ electrical goods beds, bedsheets, all types of scrap etc.
  • On occasions like Birth day or Death Anniversary or Marriage Anniversary you can provide tea & snacks to blind persons .One time expense Rs. 1500 or lunch – Rs.3000 / dinner to blind person – onetime expense Rs. 6000 and Full day expense Rs.10500.


  • We cordially invite you to come and see our activities in person. Please do inform us by phone in advance.
  • Donations in cash or by Cheques are accepted. Cheque may please be drawn in the name of “NavjyotAndhjanMandal” payable at Amdavad

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