Blindness is also one form of Godliness or God. To help in overcoming the miseries caused by such a natural (God Given) defect we have begun as a part of activity to our best capacity, this “JANAN YAJNA” . We appeal to all of you and we hope that in order to extend our facilities to more students as well as to others servicing outside, and to improve our organization, all of you will give us kind donations and best possible cooperation by charity to enable us to expedite our mission.
The great genius Louis Brialle’s invention of the Braille Script for the blind has opened a new direction of development for the blind. Who are big section of the society who were neglected and ignored for centuries because of superstitious belief in natures curse to men.
Because of blindness their eyes also look rather ugly or awkward. But there are some cases where it becomes difficult to see that the person is blind. To deal with such cases humanist like “Louis Braille”, “Madame Curie” and the rich and the elite among citizen set out to work to help the blind and Kantibhai gave the life mantra (motto) that “Knowledge is Liberation” Many institutions and eminent individuals all over the world are now actively servicing the blind people. Of these there is one in Amdavad.
For men who are blind and students studying for higher education, there is hostel in Ahmedabad, but it cannot provide enough facilities. In Amdavad proper (city) institutions for the blind receiving governments grants offer facilities to students studying up to standard XII. But there are no such facilities available for those studying in colleges. Therefore our organisation has been set up to provide proper facilities to college students to stay, study and have food etc. As well as to the blind people with limited income. Our main objective is to provide them with enough residential facilities and other things necessary for higher education.


  • Along with old newspapers “past” you can also give us old/unused things like computer, washing machine, refrigerator mobile, utensils, wooden or iron furniture/clothes/ electrical goods beds, bedsheets, all types of scrap, etc.
  • On occasions like Birthday or Death Anniversary or Marriage Anniversary, you can provide tea & snacks to blind persons. One-time expense Rs. 1500 or lunch – Rs.3000 / dinner to a blind person – onetime expense Rs. 6000 and Full day expense Rs.10500.


  • We cordially invite you to come and see our activities in person. Please do inform us by phone in advance.
  • Donations in cash or by Cheques are accepted. Cheque may please be drawn in the name of “NavjyotAndhjanMandal” payable at Amdavad

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